Update - Website Work & New(ish) Releases

Hey I finally updated the site! I've been working on a lot of music with a bunch of talented people lately. Here's a few releases from the past few months. More on the way soon, which I'll hopefully get around to posting about when they're released.

Wilson Rise-EP.jpg

Wilson - Rise EP

I had been working with Ally Doody for awhile, and she kept telling me about this rapper named Wilson. When I finally got him in the booth, I was blown away. I love his flow, what he has to say, his choice of production. It all comes together perfectly here. Can't wait to hear more from Wilson. 

Cities & States Album Cover.jpg

Josh Richard - Cities & States

Josh recorded this masterfully with Jhai Sinnatamby and we mixed it a Bang-A-Song with Jon Butcher producing. I really love this record!


Megan Wolf - That Girl

I knew Megan growing up, and it has been awesome to see her grow as a person and as a singer. With Jon Butcher producing, the 3 of us had a great time making this pop smash, and it was just a pleasure to hear her sing.


Jon Butcher - 2 Roads East

This was released in 2016, but again, it's been awhile since I updated the site. I've been working closely with Jon for a few years now, and this excellent record is the product of alot of work and time logged with Jon and I at Bang-A-Song. It's a diverse group of excellent songs, I'm really proud of this one.