Jon Butcher - 360 EP

Another great project I recorded and mixed with Jon Butcher. Some great acoustic work on here, and it still gets rocking. All great songs too, as usual.

Second Balcony Jump - Get Up!

Tony and I have been working closely with J. Grimaldi of Second Balcony Jump, recording and co-producing this group of songs together. It’s been a lot of fun getting to do some drum programming and the like, and getting a great, diverse group of singers and players involved. More to come soon from Second Balcony Jump!

Telamor - Latest Singles

Telamor’s been cranking em out! Here’s a few of his latest singles recorded at Bang-A-Song, Gloucester, Mass.

New Releases Summer 2018:

Here’s a few projects I’ve been working on recently at Bang-A-Song studios, Gloucester Massachusetts

$tack$ Album Cover.png

$tack$ - Suriel feat. Rockie Fresh

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Meadow Album Cover.jpg

Cables and Lines - Meadow

Recorded a few overdubs

John Jerome Album Cover.jpg

John Jerome

Recorded, Mixed

Inspiration Album Cover.jpg

Soul Rebel Project - Inspiration

Recorded a few guitar overdubs


Alexandra and Josh - The Colour Lilac

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

Alexandra and Josh's "Copper Pennies" from the upcoming album, "The Colour Lilac". Available August 3! Video: byBurnsy More Alexandra and Josh:

Update - Website Work & New(ish) Releases

Hey I finally updated the site! I've been working on a lot of music with a bunch of talented people lately. Here's a few releases from the past few months. More on the way soon, which I'll hopefully get around to posting about when they're released.

Wilson Rise-EP.jpg

Wilson - Rise EP

I had been working with Ally Doody for awhile, and she kept telling me about this rapper named Wilson. When I finally got him in the booth, I was blown away. I love his flow, what he has to say, his choice of production. It all comes together perfectly here. Can't wait to hear more from Wilson. 

Cities & States Album Cover.jpg

Josh Richard - Cities & States

Josh recorded this masterfully with Jhai Sinnatamby and we mixed it a Bang-A-Song with Jon Butcher producing. I really love this record!


Megan Wolf - That Girl

I knew Megan growing up, and it has been awesome to see her grow as a person and as a singer. With Jon Butcher producing, the 3 of us had a great time making this pop smash, and it was just a pleasure to hear her sing.


Jon Butcher - 2 Roads East

This was released in 2016, but again, it's been awhile since I updated the site. I've been working closely with Jon for a few years now, and this excellent record is the product of alot of work and time logged with Jon and I at Bang-A-Song. It's a diverse group of excellent songs, I'm really proud of this one.

New Release - Kat Dahlia - My Garden


Kat Dahlia is super talented, has an amazing voice and writes some excellent songs. I was amazed by her in the studio, and just happy I got to be a small part of this project from the start. Recorded her vocals on a bunch of songs. One of which made the album - Tumbao. It's pure fire!!!

Film - Rules of The Game

This is a short dance film I mixed/mastered the sound for last year. Been playing at festivals and such, now available for your online viewing pleasure. Really interesting concept, cinematography and choreography done by the Kuperman Brothers. Score by Ronald Bacardi and my good friend Arlen Hart. Definitely worth watching.

New Release - Catey Shaw - The Brooklyn EP

Catey Shaw released 'The Brooklyn EP' today. I was there for her first recording session, and was blown away by her talent right from the start. So cool to see how far she's come since then. This EP has already generated alot of controversy and interest, Vice even called her 'the Rebecca Black of Brooklyn', for her Brooklyn Girls video, but she's winning people over, especially with her next single Human Contact. I did some vocal recording and instrument overdubs for this EP. Love how it turned out!

Mixing Willie Alexander & The Razztones

Been fine tuning these mixes for the WIllie Alexander & The Razztones project. Loving this stuff, it's really different and special. Can't wait to share it!

Been fine tuning these mixes for the WIllie Alexander & The Razztones project. Loving this stuff, it's really different and special. Can't wait to share it!

New Release - Telamor


Just finished up producing, recording, and mixing Telamor's debut album with Tom Hauck. Had a lot of fun, and already excited to get going on the next one! You can buy it here.